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Vila-seca Cooperative

Cooperativa Agricola Vila-secaOur cooperative was founded in 1901 and early 1929 was created section of olive-growing, which began construction of the mill to receive the same year his first crop of olives. In 1981, was changed the oil production, replaced the stone mills and hydraulic presses for a new automatic plant oli by means of a system for continuous centrifugation in cold. As a result of increased production of olives from our partners in 2001 was made a machine expansion, and a new storage building oil tanks with stainless steel.

Cooperativa Agricola Vila-secaStamp of quality Denomiació of Origin Siurana. The areas which are encompassed by this label are: Priorat, El Baix Camp, La Ribera d'Ebre, El Tarragonés, Alt Camp, El Baix Penedés, Conca de Barberà.

The average annual production of oil certified by the Denomiació Protected Origin Siurana is 4,000 MT. The surface of olive registered and controlled by the Control Board is 12,000 ha.

Cooperativa Agricola Vila-secaOur oil "ESCOMES" get Award 2013 to CDO Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil fruity the Harvest Sweet Green 2013/14 in the contest that organizes the anually Development Center of Oil Reus.

The CDO calls these anually Awards, eight from editions ago,
order of highlight VIRGIN Olive Oils Extra best quality organoleptic and Recognizing the Effort Made well and the wood work of the olives producing them and elaborations of Virgin Olive Oil extra on counties tarraconensis.


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